Friday, September 14, 2012

Trip to Shodhgram - Day 5 - Part 1

Rose a little later today. Maybe I feel settled in :)  Talking of feeling settled, before I left Mumbai for this trip, my husband asked me with a glint of humour in his eyes - So are you planning to settle there"? And I said something like "If you come along I will".

Yesterday Kalindi, the statistician intern asked me "How do you like it here". I said  I'm loving it. But I really don't know how I would feel if I had to live here for a long time".  I then said "I know that if I had to, I would settle in and be happy, because it is my basic nature to adapt and settle anywhere". As I think about it, (even after a night's sleep), I guess today's answer is "My knowledge and expertise is about searching / referencing and some areas of research and writing. And I have family in the city. I would do my best to contribute to the section of society that needs me, by living with my family, in the city and travelling where I need to. BUT, if for some reasons of destiny I had to (or maybe choose to) live in Gadchiroli or any similar place, I would look at doing all I can to contribute in that surrounding and make a choice to be happy there".

As I said, that is today's answer. Life may bring changes in me that may change my answer someday. I dont know. Why worry about that anyway? :)

But I would like to add - I think all youngsters especially medicos, (those in the field of Community Medicine field - definitely, but all medicos for sure), should consider doing a stint here. Rural postings that you normally do, as I have understood seem like a farce (I maybe saying it wrongly; forgive me if I do) to many of you. Here you will see a planned and research cum service oriented program and get to work with as much professionalism as anywhere else. And the variety of people here in the SEARCH campus makes for stimulating discussions and interactions. Yes even IIT engineers and others are doing stuff here. I would even suggest - enrol in a NIRMAN program. It would be one of the best events in your life.


Yogita said...

Great to know you mam that you had a great stay at Gadchiroli!
We keep moving forward because we are curious..and how curiosity leads us to new paths, some of which teach us a lot about life, being happy while contributing! Must be a fulfilling trip for you, having offered your services for community at large.

I myself feel privileged to hear a great leader as Dr Abhay Bang there at Wardha. His words have led to a deep impact on me! And that thought of joining his team always remains in the subconsciousness, with that enthusiasm for a meaningful learning with the community. Dr Abhay's passion is contagious and has ateast got me!

And, great writing mam. I could picturize your daily activities and the prayer-sessions.
Loved that bit how beautifully you told us of the Anjanabai's confidence.I am sure she and other Aryogyadoots such as her must have brought in with them a lot of positive energy into SEARCH.
It was a pleasure to read your posts mam!

sc said...

To quote you and Mac D - I'm loving it (too) :)

Vasumathi said...

Thanks Yogita and SC :)
It was a giving and learning experience.