Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Trip to Shodhgram - Day 1

Part 1 - Mumbai to Shodhgram

(You are welcome to skip this and go straight on to "In Shodhgram". This post is simply a description of my travel to Shodhgram)

The alarm buzzed at 4.45 AM. The subconscious mind works wonders. Unlike many days when my hand automatically goes to the Snooze button on the mobile, today I was instantly awake. Will less than 4 hours sleep. Got to the airport thanks to my better half who not just doesn't complain, but actually loves dropping me and picking me up at unearthly hours :)

The flight was on time. I normally tend to doze off the moment the aircraft doors close. In fact I often wonder how people cannot sleep on flights. The subconscious mind worked again. I was wide awake throughout the flight. Landed in time, had a cab waiting for me thanks to the coordination efforts of Mr Tushar Khorgade of SEARCH. Rahul, the cab driver got me all comfortable and we hit the road and pretty soon the highway - a two lane one. The weather was decent and thanks to rains it was green, green and more green.

Talking of rains, the last week had news flashes about Nagpur Gadchiroli roads being cut off due to heavy rains. I had  checked with Tusharji last Friday and he assured me that I would not need to cancel my trip. We agreed that I'd recheck on Sun (yesterday) and once again it was an all clear signal. The roads were fine for the first hour apart from small stretches of wear and tear. After an hour we actually had some sunshine too. Somewhere the physical body dominated the subconscious mind. I managed some sleep in a bouncy cab. And finally reached Shodhgram at about 12 noon

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sc said...

Woot! And so the journey begins. Special Correspondent Vasu reporting from en route Gadchiroli

PS: I echo your statement "how can people not sleep on flights". I tend to doze off on most moving vehicles, thankfully not yet when I'm the one who's driving :)