Sunday, September 09, 2012


I started blogging years ago, but I guess I have averaged less than 0.5 blogs a year so far. Somehow while I enjoyed reading many, I never got down to maintaining my own.

I guess I need to make a pledge to start today. In the past week I have been egged by many students to blog. More so because I am off to Gadchiroli for a week tomorrow. I will be spending this week at Search, Shodhgram with Dr Abhay Bang, Dr Rani Bang and their team.I have been requested to blog my experiences there. So I thought - it is high time I shed my procrastinationand resurrect my blogging activity.

I also wanted to rename it. I could honestly never find creative names like Scepticemia and I did not want to use my name. Then I decided - since my posts would be mainly targeting my "student community" I would call it by the name they've given me - "Vasu Mam" :)

So - here is

Dear Student Friends - I hope you folks help me keep this alive. Thanks for being there for me! And yes, I promise to write every day from Gadchiroli. Maybe I should add - If my Photon USB Modem picks up signals there...


SC said...

"Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase." - Martin Luther King Jr

I'm SO happy to see that you've given in to the incessant demands of your "kids" and resurrected this blog. You write beautifully ma'am, I have ample proof of that in my inbox - from stories about your family,literature searching hints, organizational tips, life lessons, humorous anecdotes or AoL gyaan; I've accumulated a treasured collection over the years :). It's high time you share them on a bigger platform & with a wider audience!

Vasumathi said...

Wow Shivika! Thanks again. Having started on the prodding from all of you... I hope I do the awesome job that seems expected ;)

sindhu said...

no expectations..:) we kno you'll do an amazing job..:) M honored that you considered our request mam..:)now you can add blogging to ur schedule too..:)