Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Part 2 - In Shodhgram - Day 1 - the evening hours

Ever since I reached here the mobile and Internet networks were down. The mobile got restored after a while, but apparently Airtel does not work here so I get a first hand experience of "not being wired" :). For the rest of my stay here - there will be no mobile connectivity for me

So I got some time to do all this blog catching up. (I did it all in Note pad and am copy pasting it now as I post)

At 6.45 PM there is a daily prayer-meditation-general-update session. People gather in the prayer room and first chant a few Marathi Shlokas from the Gitai and this is followed by one Bhajan. Then visitors / interns / fellows are introduced. Dr Bang told everyone about me and about medical librarianship. One person who visited Nagpur for some work was asked to share his experiences with all. An interesting thing that happened was that Dr Rani Bang mentioned that this was the second time in her life that she heard the name Vasumathi, the first being her mother's! Two other interns - Indian students from the US were also asked to speak about themselves.

Dinner was at and I actually crashed by 9.30 PM.

Day 1 Observations:
I strongly sensed the passion and purpose amongst all in the campus. The evening prayer session felt like the family of the olden times when there was prayer, meditation, music and bonding and sharing. I cannot help relate the two - I feel that the prayer session keeps feeding the sharing of passion and purpose.

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sindhu said...

it simply proves the old saying true.. "the family that prays together stays together." wat say mam??