Thursday, September 13, 2012

Trip to Shodhgram - Day 3 - Part 2

The afternoon, I had to myself. Most of it without an internet connection. I took some time off to show Mr Mahesh (Head of Research) the reference management tool Mendeley - He loved it and asked me if I would also show it to the rest of the team and I agreed. At about 5 PM I had a discussion with Dr Anand Bang, Dr Yogesh and all involved in any kind of research work. We had a discussion about what their information needs were and where they hit roadblocks. This was a prelude to my doing some sessions for them. We decided that we'd have at least three one hour sessions in the next two days and then do anything more as required. I then had a chat with the two young doctors over a cup of tea. Both of them having trained in the US were able to understand QMed's plans and problems and expressed great delight in our work.

The evening prayer session had its regular features. And then there was a small discussion on prayers. Dr Rani Bang shared that some time back Dr Abhay needed an angioplasty. And there were people who asked her how she believed in prayers when she should have a more scientific approach. She answered that it was because of group prayers everyday that SEARCH continued to function inspite of their absence. Food for thought!

Later at dinner I had some "question - answer" sessions (they asked; I answered :>) with a young doctor qualified from Sion hospital who now works here, couple of interns from TISS and later another young doctor who qualifed from Grant Medical College. I had a fairly intense discussion about libraries in Mumbai and India with the latter. It was great to see so much interest. Incidentally both young doctors seem to love being here in Shodhgram, working in the villages and doing research. This seemed to be exactly what Dr Bang mentioned during the panel discussion at Medicon 2012 earlier this year -when he said "Rural service should be properly channelised into a learning experience for medical students and young doctors"

As I finish writing this (offline, to be copy / pasted into the blog when the Internet is available tomorrow), I realize it is 10.20 PM. I did not nod off at 9.30. I feel wide awake and energized. Is it due to Anjanabai? Is it due to the discussions today? Or am I filled with the regular excitement of training sessions for tomorrow? I really don't know :)

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