Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Part 2 - In Shodhgram - Day 1 - first two hours

Nagpur to Shodhgram turned out to be a nearly 3.5 hour cab ride. The cab turned into the main gate and reached a "Chowk" (where several small roads of Shodhgram campus converged). I got off the cab and found a helpful soul who directed me to my cottage. Since it was lunch time, I was escorted to the dining hall, where we had a simple and wholesome meal. I was introduced to Mr Venky who was going to be my guide for the rest of the day. He in turn introduced me to several youngsters who were doing an internship here. Some had a medical background, some were students of hospital adminstration. I gave them my background and sure enough within minutes we were chatting about literature searching and referencing. And to my delight they asked for sessions. I promised to do anything that I could in the next four days that I was going to be here.

Venky then took me on a tour of Shodhgram - a 45 acre campus. Tons of greenery and an artificial lake included. Aside from healthcare research they actually manage some organic farming and rain water harvesting. Talk of diversity! The campus overall is spick and span. The residents do a group cleaning activity twice a week.

I briefly got to meet Dr Bang who gave me a very warm welcome, and his younger son Amrit Bang who is a Computer engineer. Both were planning the next Nirman agenda. Then got to see the OPD and one of the in patient cottages (Read more ). Also briefly met two more doctors - Dr Atul Bang (older son of Dr Abhay & Dr Rani Bang) and Dr Yogesh who has returned to India after 10 years in the US. Both of them promised more time with me later to see how we could work together.


sc said...

Did Yogesh Sir come down from JSS, Ganiyari? In fact some of your lit searching references have been helpful in the UDHC discussions we've had on medical cases from JSS.

Vasumathi said...

Different Yogesh, Shivika :)

Vasumathi said...

Oh and am curious - about the "help" from me... do email me some details