Friday, September 14, 2012

Trip to Shodhgram - Day 4

Again an early day. Up at 4.30 AM and did Yoga, Kriya and Meditation. And also a half hour walk. Felt wonderful. The place has been cool throughout. Soon after breakfast of yummy Sabudana Khichdi, did my first "Introduction to Literature Search" session for about nearly 20 people. And then today till the evening session at 4.30, I had the day to myself. So managed to catch up on emails (and the blog of course) and also spent some time planning specific examples and exercises for the evenign session. The 4.30 pm session had a slightly smaller attendance, as some people had work and could not get back. But the participants were supremely active and followed things with complete attention. During the day Kalindi, a statistician checked out some more stuff with me  and learned about some statistics tutorial site as well as critical appraisal sites. At the end she asked me "when are you coming back here?" That felt good :)

The evening prayer session had a relatively larger crowd. Several villagers were in for some residential training  so the campus was buzzing with people. It was also the birthday of one of the physiotherapists and was celebrated with an Aarti. Very beautiful!

I also got to hear that Dr Bang had written a book in Marathi (recently translated to Hindi too) about his reflections after his heart attack and angioplasty. One of the interns told me about it. It really seemed incredible that someone who lives in a surrounding like this with no pollution and with all the right habits should have had this. It finally boiled down to the stress that he went thru in setting up Shodhgram. The campus and the work may seem awesome to the visitor or anyone who works. But if one reflects on the absolute awesome responsibility that it carries it is no joke. I do hope that he and Dr Rani Bang have excellent health for several more years. Gadchiroli needs their leadership. And India needs the examples.

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