Sunday, May 18, 2014

Don't crib. Do something about it!

I got inspired to write this post after two events.

- One was when I listened to a talk by Ashwin Mahesh. His key message is "We need to build a problem solving society together. Everything else is secondary".

- The other - I read a blog post by Bhavin Jankharia titled - The top 10 things we can do to help Mr Modi Reboot to India 2.0. I strongly recommend that everyone reads the blog post and visits Ashwin Mahesh's website

Let me admit - I had been a cribber for pretty long. A lot of which happened because it is also fashionable to crib. It is easy to do it. And if we add analysis and researched facts into our act of cribbing, we also sound intelligent. We believe that we are having intellectual discussions.

Over the years I learned to do something about things I cribbed about. If I could not do anything about it, I learned to accept situations / things / people. Accepting does not mean that the people / situations are right. Accepting is just acknowledging. And being open to the idea that they CAN be changed. One thing that I refuse to do, is to think "this can never change/improve". 

So - if we wish to crib - let us ask ourselves - Can we...

  • Do something about it right away or in a short time?
  • Research and see what can be done in a longer time span?
  • If none of the above seem possible just now - support others who are doing something? 
  • Give them some time to achieve something?
  • Not criticize them if they make mistakes?
Let us get responsible enough to do something, support others - directly or indirectly - by not criticizing every effort of theirs. If we can do neither, let us learn to shut up and do something else productive!

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