Sunday, February 24, 2008

Today my husband and I went for a condolence visit. The gentleman we visited is a bachelor who has slogged and sacrificed for his siblings all his life. He lost two older sisters in a span of a month. They had all lost their dad at a young age and this (youngest) brother has been a solid contributor to the family - battling all kinds of odds - minimal education etc.

He recently bought a new flat keeping in mind his sister who was living with him- he chose a building next to a temple so that she would love it and be happy. Unfortunately she did not live to move in there

The important thing was......when this sister was ill for a month, he had people (neighbours and friends and employer) pitching in and helping him a lot. More importantly a cab driver understanding his plight ferried him and the sister for long distances for her specialized hospital visits at minimal charges. I wonder what makes people like cab drivers do such things for people they hardly know. It really increasingly makes me reaffirm my belief in humans - that actually all are basically good, those who do not appear to be so - are different because of various circumstances. And - ideological as it may seem - I do believe that if you are good and have a strong integrity base - you do attract good people to you.

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